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Festival Essentials for the Serial Chiller

Posted by Desiree Ras on
Festival Essentials for the Serial Chiller

The vibe, the people, the music. 

Festivals are unique places filled with unforgettable moments you can't miss. Ensuring you can tick off your bucket list of festivals with zero stress is the first step to enjoying each minute that passes and a successful festival experience.
But what do you need and what is optional? We got you! 

The tickets! 

Probably the most obvious point; nonetheless, this is the most crucial point. Without your tickets, your packing would be all for naught. Make sure you put them with the rest of your gear or in a safe, accessible space you can double, triple and quadruple check before hitting the road. Bonus points if you remember to take some form of ID with you (If you need to prove your age at the bar!) 

Your phone.

Having a phone at a festival might cause you to raise an eyebrow. Things have changed. Times have changed significantly; we had Nokia 3310s that could withstand the mud. But now we have smartphones instead. Your phone is not just essential when emergencies come but also for getting around and even capturing moments. Before the festival, get yourself a snazzy lanyard case and screen protector, and turn on the "Find my Phone" feature on most Android and Apple devices. Also, make sure you pack anything your phone might need, like a portable charger. Also, make sure that you download maps for offline use if the festival is held at a place where the signal might not be strong. If the festival has a map of its grounds, make sure you have a copy of it on your phone too. Knowing how to get around is key to a stress-free experience!  

Pack light. 

Lighting is important, so always be sure to pack a flashlight. Phones do come with them built-in, but it is also important to pack a backup light source if something happens to the other. It is also important to pack light. Don't bring along anything you think you might need. It adds to the worry if your belongings are safe. Packing the essentials gives you more freedom at the festival to enjoy it, but it keeps you worry-free! Here are some of our essential festival musts:
While these are just some essentials, you can always add more things to your list. You can keep most of these things in your rucksack or bumbag for on-the-go comfort and cleanliness. 

Sleeping like a boss. 

Ensure your sleeping space is comfy to get a good night's rest. How else will you stay awake for your favorite band's set? Getting a cozy tent with an inflatable mattress or a comfy sleeping bag will give your nook a nice homey feel. Remember a set of earplugs and an eye mask to keep the random flashlight flickers, and rowdy festival sounds out for best results. An inflatable pillow is another good thing to tag along (if you don't prefer to sleep on a jumper). 

Make your spot yours.

In the sea of tents, how do you make sure you don't walk into someone else's tent that might resemble yours? Creativity! If you feel like setting up your tent before the festival and painting it to match your Rainbow Shwaggins, then do it! Being creative with your layout is key. Paint your tent, add colorful, battery-operated string lights, or some brilliant bunting to make your mark on the festival grounds. (If you want, you can add a unique flag too) This will help you find your way home after enjoying the festivities, making the festival life less stressful. 

Back up plans. 

Always make sure you have a backup plan in case of emergencies. This isn't the 90s anymore; not many people know important numbers by heart. So make sure you have a notebook filled with every emergency number you can think of (yes, even your favorite pizzeria.) Another great tip is to make sure you have planned your exit in advance. Not going to college or work on a Monday is great, but no one likes to wake up in the festival aftermath. Having a pre-planned exit plan is brilliant, so plan in advance. Designate your driver (and make sure they stay sober), book a ride on a bus, or buy a train ticket and keep them safe.


Keep it clean.

In addition to the above-mentioned wet wipes and anti-bacterial soap, remember to pack your usual toiletries. There is nothing like a hot shower after a long day in the sun! But don't bring along your value pack of shower gel; instead, opt for a size that is perfect for packing in your luggage. Here are some of our hygiene must-haves:
  • Micellar water (Great for removing makeup and grime)
  • Reusable cloth wipes
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash
  • Tissues & toilet paper
  • Deodorant
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner
Having a stress free festival experience is easy, as long as you follow the most important tips:
  • Only pack what you are going to bring back home with you.
  • If you're going to a festival with friends, work as a team and delegate the responsibility of bringing different things to one person in your group. 
  • Writing your number on all valuables is a good idea if you're not planning to use the lockers. If something does go missing, register them immediately with 'Lost Property'. 
  • A well-invested camping/festival kit will last you a lifetime. It's okay to splurge a little extra for a nice tent that can withstand heavy rains and winds. 
And last but not least, to keep your serial chiller vibe going, save this blog post if you're ever unsure of what essentials you need to take and what you need to leave out. 

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