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Meet Your Maker

Posted by Anabelle Dwyer on
Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Designer: Air Sofa Edition


Michael Morton | 27 | Moab, Utah | Artist



Among the great creative minds in modern inflatable couch design, Michael is one designer who needs little introduction. Though he brings his own style to every piece he creates, it's hard not to notice his signature playfulness and sense of humor in his designs. His work often combines high-level technical patterns with humorous concepts to create a truly unique aesthetic. It would be hard to find a more fitting inflatable couch designer for Chillbo. Mikey's designs are the perfect combination of comfort and entertainment for both indoors and out, most definitely represented in the inflatable couches he designs.

Michael grew up in Utah, where he spent his days exploring the great outdoors on a mountain bike, skateboard, or snowboard. His love for nature grew alongside his passion for design and ultimately influenced his own aesthetic, creative representation.

How would you describe your design style and process? 

I've always found the world of material objects fascinating, and I love how they can reflect energy in unique ways. Growing up in Utah exposed me to countless forms of natural energy, landscapes shape-shifting with ever-changing light and conditions. My process is supernatural. I just let my hand do the talking and let natural patterns come to life for the inflatable sofas.



A lot of your designs revolve around pattern work. What inspires this? 

The main idea behind the patterns is to try and mimic natural forms found in everyday life. I draw inspiration from both man-made and natural patterns, combining the two to create an overall dynamic aesthetic. Though designing concepts for sports teams was just a moment in my life, I've really gone back to nature and focused my design on inflatable couches over the past few years. I love to design natural patterns that reflect the environment you are in when you chill on your inflatable lounger.

Which inflatable lounger has your favorite pattern design?

Hands down the 60s Psychedelic inflatable couch. In simple terms, it is a sick design. I hand drew this air sofas design, and it took me about two weeks to complete. The patterns are based on psychedelic properties in nature. The 60s Psychedelic air sofa is an excellent example of my postmodern interpretation of nature. Looking at most inflatable couches, you don't get that design that ignites a change in mood. However, this air lounger really gets your cognitive processes ticking and slightly alters your emotions positively. 

"My process is supernatural. I just let my hand do the talking and let natural patterns come to life".



What do you think makes Chillbo inflatable sofas unique? 

I love how impressive and inviting the Chillbo inflatable couches are-- once you see one, you instantly want one! I also like that they stand out from the rest, as each design brings something else to the table. And, of course, the patterns and colors used in the designs are top-notch if I do say so myself. They reflect the brand's personality and the customers that will be chilling in them.

What is your favorite part about designing inflatable couches?

I love seeing the finished product take shape right before my eyes. It's truly a fantastic feeling to watch a complex pattern come to life. I love it when a product can trigger all of your senses, and inflatable couches do exactly that. It's one of the many reasons why I love designing inflatable furniture.



Do you have any advice for people trying to become designers?

My tip is to always listen to the voice inside your head that says, "I want more." More from yourself, more from life. Be true to yourself and what you believe in. Sometimes life can kick you to the ground, but it's how you get back up that counts. Moments like those are when your true character comes out. I've always said there's no substitute for hard work, so keep moving forward and learning as much as possible about your craft.

What does the future hold for Michael Morton and Chillbo?

The past few years, I've been leading a crusade around inflatable loungers and design in general. The industry of inflatable couch design is already so rich and deep, but what I want to do is take inflatable loungers into different territories. I'm always thinking, "What haven't we seen?" or "What can we think of?" You know?

Any final words?

Don't be afraid to gamble on yourself with a series of safe bets. I promise it will pay off. And, get yourself an inflatable couch; they are seriously perfect for any outdoor adventure!


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