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Meet Your Maker

Posted by Anabelle Dwyer on

Meet Your Designer: Air Sofa Edition Basics Michael Morton | 27 | Moab, Utah | Artist     Among the great creative minds in modern inflatable couch design, Michael is one designer who needs little...

Perfect Chillbo for Fall Fun

Posted by Anabelle Dwyer on

The Perfect Chillbo Shwaggins for Fall Fun Fall in America is a phenomenal time. As things start to cool off, we head back to school, watch the leaves change, and get ready for the epic...

Chillbo's Day Off

Posted by Anabelle Dwyer on

Since the whole team has spent most of their lives in Cedar City, it was only natural that we would have some spirited disagreements over the best places to go when taking a day off....

Your Fall Adventure Guide Book Is Here!

Posted by Anabelle Dwyer on

As the seasons change, so too does the panorama. There's a new light in the air, and the desire to get outside and explore grows stronger. With Fall at our front door, we wanted to share with...

New Year, New You: 6 Chillbo Resolutions to Help You Crush 2020

Posted by Harry Stewart on

And just like that, January has come back around again. Hello 2020, we’ve got some big plans for you. We're not much for new year's resolutions. But heading home from the holidays made us take...