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Spring Flings! Top 5 Date Ideas for Spring

Posted by Desiree Ras on
Spring Flings! Top 5 Date Ideas for Spring
Spring is a special time of the year. Not only does spring bring new beginnings but new opportunities for fun and, most importantly, love. With the warmer temperatures, it's time to step out with your significant other in the sun and enjoy making memories on some of the most fun-filled dates you'll ever imagine.  
Unfortunately, after a long and cold winter, it's hard to find the motivation to get out of the house and explore, and while that might sometimes be the case...we believe it could also be a lack of fun ideas that's working against you.  
Try stealing this first-date idea to ease into things after a long time of lazing around indoors.

A Chill Day At The Beach

A beach date is a perfect start to a spring season filled with romantic getaways. Imagine yourself and your loved one catching some rays on your favorite inflatable lounger. The level of relaxation in this scenario is unmatched. Imagine you and your lovebird having deep conversations about what life means to each of you (if you're that type of couple, that is) and enjoying some of your favorite snacks - maybe a beer or two! To us, that sounds like the ultimate chilled springtime date. 

Have a Classic Spring Photoshoot

The second date idea to add to your spring bucket list is definitely a couple photoshoot. When else will you have such stunning lighting to make your pictures pop and your skin glow? Springtime is the perfect season for you and your loved one to capture new memories and create sweet souvenirs to one day show your children. Make the most of the beauty that surrounds you during springtime. 

Go Camping with Other Couples

This is an all-time favorite for outdoor lovers. Camping in spring just makes sense! Fewer mosquitoes (and other killer insects) and beautiful wildflowers blossom along the hiking trails and riverbeds. Again, this is another opportunity for some great photography. You can also spice up your romance by sleeping in a double sleeping bag made for two! How convenient, right ;) You and that special someone can snuggle up all through the night while enjoying the beautiful view of the starry skies above.

Take a Romantic Boat Cruise

This list would never be complete without a romantic boat cruise. While James Cameron's masterpiece Titanic had everyone seeking love on a boat, we recommend taking it to the lake to avoid killer icebergs. Imagine an exclusive cruise for two during sunset. There are many cruising adventures: you can enjoy champagne while soaking up some late afternoon sun before it settles beautifully on the horizon. You can also enjoy a dinner for two and romantically sail into the night!

Hit the Hiking Trails with Your Special Someone

Concluding this list with a hiking date seems like the natural thing to do. This date is totally free, it's in the heart of nature, and will give you an opportunity to enjoy both your surroundings and the company of one another. Once you get to the top of the mountain, you'll see breathtaking views – it'll be worth the uphill climb!


Hikes also happen to be great opportunities for a picnic! Pack a delicious lunch to motivate you to make it to the top. In our experience, having tasty treats to look forward to makes the hike even more enjoyable!

For all of these epic date options, just be sure to have fun and relax with your special someone. Laugh a lot, take a few selfies, and enjoy the time spent together - there's nothing better!

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