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Introducing the Chillbo Neck Gaiter

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Say hello to the Chillbo Neck Gaiter, a funky face-wrap to safeguard your noggin from both the elements and infectious disease. Here are five reasons why you need this latest offering from Chillbo in your life.

A reusable face mask to crush COVID-19

At the height of a devastating pandemic, Chillbo is doing its bit to help keep America safe.

In better times, the Chillbo Neck Gaiter would be a practical accessory to protect the neck and face from icy winds and harmful UV rays. But now, with COVID running rampant throughout the country, this stylish tube scarf doubles as a reusable face mask to inhibit the spread of the deadly disease.

Chillbo Face Masks

The CDC currently recommends all citizens cover their faces to reduce infection rates around America.

Now, we feel it's important to mention nothing beats a surgical mask for offsetting the spread of COVID-19. The smart sciency types at Berkeley have even done a study to prove it. 

However, as surgical masks are in short supply at the minute (plus our valiant healthcare workers need as many as they can get), opting for any kind of face covering is the next best thing. 

Aside from making you look super sexy, the Chillbo Neck Gaiter provides ample protection for the eyes and the mouth. What’s more, these breathable bandanas are machine washable so you can use them again and again.  

Looking fab amid a pandemic

Stand out from the sea of surgical masks with a fun and funky Neck Gaiter from Chillbo. Just because the world is struggling to cope doesn’t mean you’re obliged to compromise on style.

Chillbo’s trademark dazzling designs look as scintillating as ever when wrapped around your neck. Don’t don a drab face mask through the most challenging era of modern times; swap monotones for vivaciousness with a Chillbo Neck Gaiter.

A different design for every day of the week

You don’t need to wrap your head in the same boring old bandanna every day.

Let monotony give way to spontaneity as you pick and choose which sublime design to wear as part of your usual morning routine. Our quality gaiters come in a stylish seven-pack of unique patterns—one to rock for every day of the week.

Neck Gaiters 7x Value Pack

A versatile piece of headwear to be worn every which way

When you’re far removed enough from society to ditch the whole face mask routine, you can twist and fold the Chillbo Neck Gaiter to wear it in a wide array of ways. Feel free to convert the agile accessory into any manner of things:

  • Headbands
  • Neck warmers
  • Do-rags
  • Balaclavas
  • Hoods
  • Bandanas
  • Beanies
  • Hair ties

12 plus ways to wear th enexk gaiters

And then once you find yourself back amongst the crowds, simply tie her back into a face mask to help slow the spread of the disease.

Protect yourself from the elements

Not only does the Chillbo Neck Gaiter keep you (and others) safe from COVID, it provides ample insulation from the elements as well. A breathable and sweat-wicking material stops you overheating in the harsh summer sun, while its wondrous windproof properties protect you from the battering of the breeze.

Hikers, bikers, fishers, hunters, and runners (among others) love rocking a Chillbo gaiter to protect their neck from the elements.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own Chillbo Neck Gator today to start staving off both the virus and the elements in the utmost style.

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