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Chillbo's Holiday Gift Guide.

Posted by Anabelle Dwyer on
Chillbo's Holiday Gift Guide.

The holidays are nearing, so it's time to start thinking about what presents to get your beloveds. And yes folks, that can include yourself. As always, it's one of the most anxiety-inducing obligations that you must undertake every year!

The Chillbo gang has sorted you out with a holiday shopping guide that includes some super fly outdoor gear that everyone wants, to make things easier for you. What's more, were sorting you out with 20% off sitewide until the 19th of December!

If you see an item on this list that absolutely screams someone you know, then don't hesitate to get it - something unique, heartfelt, and fitting will be appreciated more than you know!

We said it. Everyone should get something from this list. Here's your holiday shopping guide:


Chillbo Inflatable Lounger.


Do you know a lifelong lover of the outdoors who seems uninspired by the prospect of an upcoming camping trip? The lack of comfort is probably the issue, and they definitely aren't alone. That's why we're stoked to suggest the Chillbo outdoor lounger as the perfect solution to improving your outdoor experience!

This year, we recommend that you gift your outdoor lover a Chillbo Shwaggins lounger. This will add to their camping gear flawlessly, and they are going to look oh-so-sexy in the great outdoors. Endless good times are ahead!

Who doesn't want a comfy place to lounge?


Cliq Camping Chair.


This was one of our designer's accidental finds on the internet, and it's so good we had to share.

The Cliq camping chair is literally the size of a water bottle and folds up easily for storage when you're done using it. Plus, it sets up in seconds; some pretty revolutionary stuff if you ask us!

Besides its incredibly dope features, the chair itself is incredibly comfortable. The chair's back has ample support and naturally reclines to your pleasure. When you sit in this chair, you can tell that it was designed with comfort in mind.

As an avid user of the Cliq camping chair, I solemnly swear that this would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves the outdoors, especially because of its innovative features. It's perfect for camping, hiking, picnicking, or anything outdoors. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can pick the perfect one to match the personality of your beloved.


The Double Sleeping Bag.


This is a gift to make that special someone feel as snug as a bug. And, who knows...they might ask you to join them? It is a double sleeping bag, after all.

The double sleeping bag is ideal for anyone who loves camping or hiking, or even simple backyard staycations since it provides warmth and comfort at night long. This gift is an incredibly fabulous gift idea for anyone special, as it weighs a mere 6 pounds, has no-snag zippers, and comes with two pillows.

Added bonus! Our double sleeping bag can also be unzipped for use as two separate sleeping bags, for when you might not want to share.


The Mountain Designs Hydration Pack


G'day, mate! Straight from the land down under, this awesome hydration pack is the perfect gift for someone who likes to go hiking, running, or biking. If your friend is a bit of a rambunctious fellow, this hydration pack will carry everything they need to stay completely happy.

This high-quality hydration pack is leakproof, breathable, lightweight, and durable, so it won't disappoint. The company literally built this for the Australian environment, where everything wants to kill you. I think that speaks volumes for itself.

If your special someone is an outdoorsy fanatic, who wants a gift that will stand the test of time, get them this. They'll appreciate it more than you know!


Good Luck. 

The Chillbo Inflatable Lounger is a great gift for someone who loves the outdoors and wants to spice things up. The Cliq Camping Chair is also an excellent choice for someone who likes to be comfortable while they're outdoors. The Double Sleeping Bag is perfect for anyone who loves camping and wants to stargaze comfortably at night. And, the Hydration Pack is ideal for your go-getters. See? We told you our holiday shopping guide would include some irresistible and sexy outdoor gear that everyone wants. And, as we said, we are offering 20% off sitewide until the 19th of December to make your gift-giving duties bearable. Use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout!

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