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The gypsies paradise.

I headed to Tulum to shoot some photos for a friend's vow renewal ceremony. They had eloped the year before and this was their way or celebrating with friends and family, in a place that felt like theirs.

(96 people flew to Mexico from around the world for this btw - these guys are really well liked)

Tulum is like this dreamy chic Mexican paradise, except that I can't afford anything from their cute little shops.

and the sky always seems like a painting.

That's free.


These two actively spent their afternoons lounging with a beer, tequila and guac.

I naturally brought the Chillbo Shwaggins as a gift. It's pretty much the perfect place for an inflatable couch right? Necessary.


this open air, no electricity restaurant was probably one of the best meals I have ever experienced. With the music and lights run by solar panels, the ingredients are all collected locally (by sustainable fishing methods and local mayan markets) each week and cooked over open fire with their hand made wood burning oven.

Ya, all of that. and mezcal. ugh.


I kept moving through Mexico to the cutest little town I ever did see. The town was made up of cobblestone walkways and Mezcal bars on every corner.

I found home.


The town square filled with giant puppets and music at night. They had these wooden bulls called toritos that they would light on fire and sparks would stream out of it's ass. Different people would run with it like a badge of honor spraying the sparks into the crowd that were dancing, cheering and simultaneously trying not to catch on fire.


Is SO large. Holy Crap.

I barely covered any ground here in the couple days I passed through, but I can tell ya I hit every Churrería El Moro I could find to quality check each dipping sauce.


This place was insane. Also, my favorite.

It is basically a network canals with floating gardens that people can rent boats on for the day. Each boat has a driver and a big picnic table. Many locals rent them out for special celebrations and basically create a big party on the water.


They had it. Smaller boats float around that will attach to you and sell anything you need.

Micheladas. Pulque. Elote. Flower Crowns. Toys. Xylophone player. Mariachi bands that latch on and serenade your ride.

I attempted to inflate the Chillbo Shwaggins at the end of our boat while it rocked around and other boats crashed into us due to the Saturday crowd. It was quite a scene, but also a success.


Is a little hidden beach town on the coast of Oaxaca that inhabit the more long term gypsies and surf bums. My kinda jam.


It seemed as if the entire town would hike out each day to bask in the setting of the sun.

We came prepared with our inflatable couch for a more comfortable viewing and partook in the howling as we lost the last bit of light.


There are a couple little beach towns along the coast of Oaxaca. We decided to hop into the truck bed of a collectivo car, that runs up and down the coast shuttling people for a few pesos. Standing room only back there, you're gettin cozy with whoever is on the move. We met this guy who was on his way to a beach camp called El Peyote and tagged along.

We made some friends and shared the inflatable Schwaggins couch with them for yet, another sunset.


of the trip, but an unforgettable one at that.

On the 12 hour, 2 flight journey the next day I threw up all the way home from something I ate this night. That, not pictured.

Also, fun fact. I accidentally deleted all my photo files from this trip. NO bueno. These are all low resolution screenshots I salvaged from my Lightroom library, the rest were just blurry pixels.


Footnotes: Story and photos by: Syra McCarthy (@syranara).


© 2018 Chillbo

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