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Chillbo's Day Off

Posted by Anabelle Dwyer on
Chillbo's Day Off

Since the whole team has spent most of their lives in Cedar City, it was only natural that we would have some spirited disagreements over the best places to go when taking a day off. However, after quite a few Seltzers and more than one awkward “agree to disagree” moments later, we arrived at this roundup of our favorite places to eat, drink, or explore within a tolerable distance of Cedar City. Here is the perfect ‘Chillbo Day Off’ -- should we ever get around to having one!

5.00 AM

Cassidy - Zion National Park.


Only a handful of people in Chillbo are early birds, and Cassidy is one of them. Before we’d even open up the office, she’d be there! Although some do not agree with her unorthodox love of mornings, we can all agree that she knows the best spot for sunrise. The best way to start the day is to drive to Zion National Park, walk up one of the many stunning rock formations, inflate a Chillbo inflatable couch and kick back to watch the sunrise.

Zion National Park is a scenic mountain desert landscape and has been named one of the most beautiful places in the world. This national park features natural bridges, high plateaus, and cliffs. It’s important to remember that private vehicles are not allowed in peak visitation times, and there will be a small entry fee!

8.00 AM

Shane - The French Spot. 


It’s 8 am, and Shane needs his sustenance! He needs some coffee and carbohydrates to avoid becoming grumpy in the morning. Consequently, he has experienced some delicious food, so we could all agree with his go-to morning nomination. The French Spot is located on Main Street. The croissants are to die for, and Shane personally advocates the pumpkin spice latte - “it’s exactly what you need to get your morning started!”.

The French Spot falls within an elite tier because it’s a great, small window restaurant with a quick breakfast and great food. The service is excellent as well!

10.00 AM

AnabelleSand Hollow Reservoir.


Buckle up because we’re back on the road. Our in-house adrenaline junkie put forth the perfect mid-morning activity. Although, fair warning - it’s not for the faint-hearted! Anabelle frequently visits Sand Hollow to go wakeboarding. We have joined a couple of times and drank more than enough water from falling -- still fun though!

Sand Hollow is an hour south of Cedar City. If wakeboarding isn’t for you, we still recommend taking your Chillbo inflatable sofa there and relaxing on that.

12.00 PM

Michael Curry Pizza.


The heated argument partly pertained to the best lunch spot. However, our Instagram hipster knew the right location for mouth-watering grub. At Curry Pizza, Mangia meets Masala, and we LOVE it. The pizza is mostly Indian cuisine, but it’s cooked with the traditional Italian method. We recommend trying the ‘Tandoori Chicken Masala Pizza’.

This restaurant has fantastic food - We’re talking big enough to split, but small enough not to feel too bad about polishing off by yourself in a single sitting. “It’s also a great spot to take a date,” says Michael.

1.00 PM 

Beth Coral Pink Sand Dunes.


Beth is a country native, so she was basically born on an ATV. She once invited us to all go for an ATV camping trip on the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and it was the best thing ever! We often think about this time camping at the dunes with our circle of inflatable couches, and we’re positive it’s something everyone needs to experience.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes is a state park located in southwest Utah. The sand has been tinted pink by hematite, an iron oxide commonly mined in pigments and paints -- sick, right?

3.30 PM

JulesPioneer Park.


Our Chairman of Chill knows what’s up when it comes to an afternoon of relaxation. There was no way we could object, considering he spends most of his free time relaxing on our inflatable sofas at all the best-known spots. The perfect spot to do that is Pioneer Park.

Here, the formations will make your jaw hit the floor. Pioneer Park is an excellent place to have an afternoon picnic or even a beverage! What you lose in ambiance you more than make up for in views you’ll pretty much have for yourself. 

5.30 PM

BaileyThe Painted Pony Restaurant.


If you’re looking for the best place for dinner in town, there’s no doubt Bailey makes the best suggestions. When it comes to finding good food fast, she can’t be beaten! The once an amateur chef turned foodie suggests none other than The Painted Pony Restaurant.

The food is fresh and has such an eclectic mix of different flavors! We all ate there together and can’t recommend the Bacon Wrapped Duck enough... but, be quick, the menu changes.

8.00 PM

Vivian Chilli's Grill & Bar.


DRINKS! Now, this is where the majority “agree to disagree” moments were manifested. And, despite our love of casual and scenic drinks on our waterproof inflatable sofas, we all agreed with Viv’s suggestion. Why? Because she said it was the best spot for a drink! Vivian knows best, folks.

Head over to Chilli’s Grill & Bar for all your happy hour needs! They have multiple deals every night of the week, but you’ll always enjoy a couple of specials. Happy hours are 9 pm till closing.


There are even more adventures we can suggest for you and your friends. If you want more things to do within Cedar City and areas close by, reach out to us, and we’ll point you in the right direction. Have a great time, and perfect the art of chillin’.

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