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Why September is the Best Month to Travel

Posted by Desiree Ras on
Why September is the Best Month to Travel
September often signals the end of peak travel season, but for those who can avoid the back-to-school and back-to-work realities, the month provides an excellent time to pack up and schedule an escape. September might be the start of Fall, but it doesn’t mean your travel plans have to falter! In fact, there are tons of benefits to keeping your plans on ice until September.  

Savings on travel

Planning a trip in September can result in significant discounts on flights and hotels as peak season is winding down in most popular travel destinations. Since most summer vacations take place between June-August, those with children tend to travel at least some point during these months. This usually makes the rates for many vacation sites climb due to all the demand. But lucky for those with a bit more flexibility, travel and accommodation prices conveniently drop post-peak season when most return to school or work.


According to Hopper, when comparing current flights departing in September to fares going at the same time last month departing in August, the average price for U.S. departures drops more than 20%, from $589 to $489. Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles airports often offer September's best deals.

Perfect temperatures

Although September is technically the beginning of Fall, doesn't mean the weather has turned cool just yet. As a result of the globe's temperatures steadily rising, the Summer months are getting hotter and hotter, with much of the nation's states seeing temperatures well into the 100s this year. Traveling in September offers a chance to still enjoy the warmth, without suffocating from the stifling heat.


A New York Times Travel Instagram post noted, "Europe’s summer travel calendar has begun to stretch into the quieter (and cooler) months of September and October, while many travelers are starting to shift their itineraries northward and toward the coasts. This summer’s intense heat “is not a fluke,” said Dr. Rebecca Carter, who leads climate adaptation work at @worldresources, but rather “the beginning of a trend that we’re going to see more of. In the long list of factors that we all go through when we’re deciding where to go, when to go, whether to go,” she said, “the weather and climate change should be part of the calculus.”

Places are less crowded

Most theme parks and other Summer destinations predict less foot traffic during September, so for those who like shorter lines and less congestion at holiday favorites. This makes it the ideal time to visit kid-friendly resorts and even Walt Disney World. Other childless travelers will be able to take advantage of “shoulder season” rates for trips to Europe. Shoulder season is typically from April through mid-June or September and October – and helps you avoid the long queues and crowds that come with European travel.

Lower accommodation rates

Fewer people = better accommodation availability and much lower prices. If you feel like living your best life, keep an eye out for deals at luxury resorts. These resorts commonly advertise the biggest discounts during the tail end of summer into early Fall. As soon as September 1st is here, most of the go-to destinations for travelers are in their “low season” meaning you will be able to find some great deals!

Off-season offers unique fun

During the off-season, some of the favorite activities may be out of season, but you can be sure there is something to take its place.
Ski-friendly areas, for example, discover creative methods to entice visitors before the snow season begins. In addition to superb hiking trails and award-winning golf courses, Stowe, Vermont, now has the longest and fastest zip line tour in North America. Stowe Mountain Resort, which runs the course, also houses Stowe Mountain Lodge, a hotel that offers early fall package deals to entice visitors.


If you’re looking for an excuse to travel, September is definitely the time to do it. The weather is still lovely, the crowds have dissipated, and there are plenty of great deals to be had. If you’re feeling antsy and can’t wait any longer to get out of town, go ahead and book your trip quickly – you won’t regret it!

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