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Ladies Retreat

Posted by Clay Carlson on
Ladies Retreat



We found this Airbnb up in Marin with major retro vibes and a funky pool.

Gathered 11 of my favorite bad ass women.

Sent out the dress code memo.

Then we were teleported back in time.


The idea was to do an all ladies Chillbo photo shoot inspired by old school retro pool vibes and women's fashion but with a modern day twist.

Many of these women had never met before but what they all had in common was a powerful energy, positive mindsets and super open hearts.

It is rare that a group of that many women can come together in a space together and have nothing but nurturing and supportive vibes for each other even if they had just met.

It was a trickle effect.


Miss Andy had volunteered herself to do hair for everyone and came inspired and prepared with styles she couldn't wait to get her hands on.

We are so grateful for her and her dog Barbara who was also our additional lady for the day.

We all banded together to get each others outfits going, each individual crafted for a vibe.


The sun was a little too harsh to shoot earlier in afternoon so we had some time to slide into the day and enjoy a family meal together by the pool

we ate and we ate.



Hayley. Nataly. Andy. Lizzie. Faye. Meaghan. Mickaela. Colby. Julia. Syra. Grace. Maria.


Let the ladies lounge!

There was a deck that outlined the living room edge with nothing but forest views.

Not a bad place for a nap.

The Don Poolio was a nice way to be rocked to sleep.

Down the ways was a sauna made out of a forest stump.

Maria hopped off the diving board right into the Chillbo Shwaggins, we were kinda hoping she would tank but ended up just being goddamn graceful.

Didn't you hear?

The Chillbo Shwaggins is the new Chaise lounge.

Excuse me, I'm ready for my close up.

(Andy killing the swim cap game.)


We ended the night with a little Breakfast at Tiffanys by the pool side.


I think we were high on the day before. So many good feels.

What was left of us decided to take a little hike and dip along Cascade Falls.

Then parted our separate ways holding this experience close.

Footnotes: Story and Photos by: Syra McCarthy (@syranara) last couple photos by :Nick Keating (@nickkeating).

Mill Valley, CA, USA

© 2018 Chillbo

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