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Best Countries for an adventure in 2023

Posted by Desiree Ras on
Best Countries for an adventure in 2023
With so many places in the world to explore, it can take time to choose where to go next. But have no fear! We've compiled a list of the most adventurous places to visit in 2023. From white-water rafting in Nepal to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, there's something for everyone on this list. So start planning your adventure today!

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil

If adventure calls your name, then look no further than the grand adventure that awaits you in the Amazon rainforest. Spanning across the north of Brazil, the Amazon is teeming with exotic wildlife and lush foliage - just waiting for your exploration. With so much to explore and discover, no two moments in the Amazon will ever be the same - let alone a visit! Whether it’s parrots or sloths, trees or rivers, each adventure is as unique as you make it. So go forth into this magical rainforest and enjoy an adventure like you've never had before!

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is like a colorful oasis amidst the seemingly never-ending expanse of blue seas. Filled with vivid corals, diverse marine life, and numerous species of fish and birds, this UNESCO World Heritage site is truly one of nature's most spectacular masterpieces. Unfortunately, global warming has put the health of the reef at immense risk. Still, conservation efforts by volunteers and governments alike allow us to continue admiring its grandeur for generations to come. From snorkeling and scuba diving, to simply enjoying it from a tour boat––the Great Barrier Reef in Australia remains an unforgettable experience for all travelers.

The Sahara Desert in Africa

There's no shortage of sand in Africa - and the Sahara Desert proves that. Spanning an area larger than the US, it is the world's largest hot desert. You might think this means unbearable heat all day long, but the nights stay cool - something to bear in mind if you're considering a camping trip to this sun-drenched area. And aside from its sheer size, there's plenty else to marvel at, too: vast sand dunes stretching out into the horizon, exotic fauna and flora, incredible rock formations, and a rich culture of nomadic tribes that have learned to survive despite extreme levels of aridity. While it won't be an easy journey for those seeking adventure, it'll sure be worth it!

Mount Everest in Nepal

Mount Everest in Nepal is an adventure enthusiast's dream come true. Standing at an impressive 8,848 meters above sea level, it's the highest peak in the world and has an intimidating aura that will challenge any explorer. Climb up to the summit if you dare, where you'll be rewarded with incredible views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and a sense of accomplishment like never before! Alternatively, take a trek to Everest Base Camp - a more convenient yet gratifying experience. There's something for everyone in Nepal when it comes to exploring Mount Everest!

Machu Picchu in Peru

Located high in the Peruvian Andes of South America, Machu Picchu is an astonishing ancient site that astounds modern explorers with its mysterious beauty. Thought to have been built by the Inca people over 500 years ago, its isolated location has helped to preserve this remarkable structure through the centuries. It has also made it a popular destination for thrill seekers as they take on the challenge of a treacherous hike up steep rocky terrain to get to this majestic place. Once there, they can marvel at its peaceful atmosphere that takes them back in time and serves as a reminder of how powerful these great stone walls were in another era.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Angkor Wat, located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is a temple complex that has gained worldwide recognition as one of the top travel destinations in South East Asia. Built originally as a Hindu temple but converted to Buddhist use at some point in its history, this stunning complex is paved with remarkable architectural designs and carvings. Its signature monumental towers have become the symbol of Cambodia and could transport you right back to the 12th century—that is, if you can ignore the selfie sticks! Whether visiting to experience its cultural significance or to put it on your postcard collection simply, this ancient complex certainly won't disappoint.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is an adventure of a lifetime for any thrill-seeker. Towering over 5,000 meters above sea level, it is Africa's highest peak and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. The trek to the summit offers breathtaking views of lush rainforests and snow-capped peaks, making it an unforgettable experience. This incredible journey begins in Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro and takes seven to nine days, depending on your chosen route. There are several different routes that you can take to reach the summit, each with its own unique features and challenges. The most popular routes are Marangu, Machame, and Rongai. Along the way, you will be treated to stunning panoramas of the African landscape, as well as a chance to experience the unique wildlife and culture of Tanzania.


So there you have it, our list of the coolest places on Earth. These are just a few of the many amazing destinations that Mother Nature has to offer us. We hope that this article has inspired you to get out there and explore some of these amazing places for yourself. And remember, life is short – so make sure to take the time to travel and see as much of the world as you can while you still can!

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