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6 Reason You Should Travel the USA in the Fall

Posted by Harry Stewart on
6 Reason You Should Travel the USA in the Fall

Bad news peeps. Summer has left us for another year.

In case you hadn’t noticed*, the leaves are changing color and fall is well and truly underway.

And although those steamy summer days and long balmy evenings have since passed us by, there’s no reason we can’t indulge in an adventure or two.

In fact, here at Chillbo, we believe fall is the most kickass time of the year to travel.

Here’s why.

*If you hadn’t noticed, then lay off the scooby snacks. Seriously.

The Weather is Mild

Let’s face it; the American summer is hot. Stifling, stinking, sweltering hot. It’s the kind of blistering heat that saps your will to live, let alone hike through the great outdoors.

And if you happen to visit our tropical regions, expect the muggy and relentless humidity to cover you in a thin film of sweat before breakfast. By lunchtime, you’ll be drenched head to toe and begging for the A.C.

Fall, on the other hand, might well be a little brisk. But head south, and you’ll be able to relish in some of our nation’s finest outdoor attractions without suffering from heatstroke.

Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley are certifiably survivable this time of year, just to name a few.

What’s more, states like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico transform from hellish infernos into balmy utopias during the fall. Likewise, you can even visit the humid highlights of Florida and Louisiana without breaking a sweat.

As for those of us who wish to explore the north? There’s still time.

From the Olympic National Park to the Hamptons, traveling north U.S.A is totally doable in the fall. Just be sure to wrap up and invest in some snug camping gear to keep the elements at bay.

mild weather fall why travel usa

The weather is fine in fall | © kahern/pixabay

Fewer Crowds

Tourists suck.

And the only thing suckier than a tourist is a merciless horde of tourists.

Ever had a blissful vista ruined by a swarm of camera-toting backpackers? Or how about a historic national monument spoiled by an army of tiny terrors on their summer break?

Well, that won’t happen in the fall because we’re now entirely in the offseason.  

The children are back at school, the college kids are prepping for exams, and the professional crowd is hard at work in their cubicle prisons.

Except for you.

You’re out there on a city break mingling with the locals at a hip watering hole. You’re admiring the pastel-colored foliage of a national park in blissful isolation. Or perhaps you’re floating down a pristine waterway onboard your funky Don Poolio.

Wherever you may be, you sure as shit ain’t elbowing your way through throngs of annoying tourists. Why not? Because you’ve made the smart choice by deciding to travel in the fall.

If solitude and seclusion are your thing, then now is the best time to travel for you.

why travel usa in the fall because of the crowds

Too many people travel in the summer | © eak_kkk/pixabay

Stuff is Cheaper

Is money the only thing holding you back from your travel aspirations?

We can’t blame you. You probably have a house to save for or an outrageous student loan to pay off.

But have you checked out how much cheaper everything is in the fall?

Say goodbye to elevated airfares and overpriced hotels because offseason equates to serious savings across the board.

In some destinations, hotels drop their rates by up to 50% to drum up sales. Sound like an exaggeration? The boffins over at Priceonomics have crunched the numbers for you. Protip: California is particularly good value during the fall.

Airfares are a similar story. Given far fewer folk fly during the fall, higher seat availability results in lower rates. Be flexible with your dates and prepared to travel at odd hours to snag the best deals.

Not sure where to go?

Google Flights has a sweet “travel anywhere function.” Just leave the “where to” field blank and hit search to suss out the best deals. You might be pleasantly surprised when you see what’s on sale.

why travel usa in the fall cheap affordable low cost

"They're all so cheap!" | © JESHOOTScom/pixabay

Spontaneous Adventures

Ever tried to book a spur of the moment summer vacay? Then you know what it’s like to have your impulsive glee fade away as the unaffordable reality sinks in.

Last minute flights and hotels are prohibitively expensive during the high season, if they’re available at all. And you can forget about attending the hottest festivals because these tend to sell out months in advance.

Fall, however, is the perfect time for an impromptu getaway. A lack of crowds means organizing travel arrangements on a whim won’t break the bank.

why travel fall in the usa adventure

A highway through the foliage | © mam5032/pixabay

Funky themed festivals

The summer music festival season may have come and gone, yet there’s still a plethora of exciting events in store.

Granted, the festivals of fall don’t tend to be as debaucherous as their summertime counterparts, but you probably needed a break from the booze anyway.

If not, make your way to the nearest Oktoberfest, a Bavarian-style, lederhosen laden beer-o-thon which takes place in almost every major city. The Colombus edition in Ohio (of all places) puts on one heck of a show.

Wine lovers are spoilt for choice because fall is harvest season. Boozy vino centric affairs can be found from Sonoma and Napa Valley to Washington and New York.

Perhaps you’re after something a little different. Something a little, eccentric? Then the Road Kill Cook-Off or Emma Crawford Coffin Race might better fit the bill.

why travel usa in the fall coffin festival

On your marks, get set, go! | © David/Flickr

The Foliage is Spectacular

Last but not least, the season itself is the best reason to travel.

As the days grow shorter, the leaves evolve into a striking natural ensemble of red and ochre hues - one last colorful hurrah before they shrivel and wilt for the winter.

And what a marvelous display it is.

A natural spectacle of epic proportions, fall transforms our parklands into a technicolored wonderland, the perfect setting to kick back on your Chillbo Shwaggins and soak in those glorious views.

From New England to California, there are innumerable astonishing places to take in this incredible seasonal display.

why travel usa in the fall foliage leaves colors

 The U.S.A has some pretty neat leaves | © valiunic/pixabay

There we have it, six solid reasons to get out there and explore the U.S.A this fall. 

The time is nigh. Don’t wait for summer to roll around again.

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