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5 Reasons You Need the Chillbo Fanny Pack For Travel

Posted by Harry Stewart on
5 Reasons You Need the Chillbo Fanny Pack For Travel

5 Reasons You Need the Chillbo Fanny Pack For Travel

We’re passionate proponents of outdoor adventures at Chillbo, designing an array of vibrant products so you can make the most of Mother Nature in style.

But we’re not just about the great outdoors,as we love embarking on travel escapades both here and abroad. And that’s why we’ve created the Chillbo Fanny Pack, a funky and functional wrap-around waist bag that’s an essential travel accessory for long-haul forays and brief weekend escapes.

Regardless of whether you’re a business traveller, a budget backpacker, a high-end holidaymaker, or a life-long vagabond, here are five reasons why the Chillbo Fanny Pack will elevate your travel game.

1.  It Keeps You Organized On the Go

Ever had a mini heart attack at the airport when you’ve misplaced your passport? You know how it goes: your pulse races and your brow sweats as you frantically rummage through your stuff, only to eventually uncover it in some random corner of your suitcase after several stress-inducing minutes.

With the Chillbo Fanny Pack, you can eliminate the potential for panic by stashing all your essential travel documents in one easy-to-reach location. Simply dip in and grab your passports and tickets as needed, snug in the knowledge they’re safely tucked away down there. No more triple checking every conceivable pocket in a state of hysteria as you wonder where the hell you put your damn boarding pass.

chillbo - fanny - packs - for - women


2.  It’ll Fit All Your Shit

Featuring two individual pockets and a super-spacious design, the Chillbo Fanny Pack has enough room to store all your everyday travel essentials. This nifty little accessory even serves as a viable alternative to the day pack, allowing you to enjoy your urban excursions without the burden of a sweaty back.

Some of the things you could squeeze inside this sucker include:

  •         A passport
  •         A small water bottle
  •         Chapstick
  •         Sunscreen
  •         Your wallet
  •         Your phone
  •         A power bank

Best of all, the Chillbo Fanny Pack puts all this and more at your fingertips so you’ll never have to rummage through your pockets or daypack again.

chillbo - fanny - pack - for - adults


3.  It’s Awesome for Active Travel

If you love getting active on your travels, then the Chillbo Fanny Pack is a must-have accessory for you.

Having a load of clunky junk in your pockets is oh-so cumbersome when doing anything even remotely sporty. Because your phone, your wallet, and your keys work against you to restrict the movement of your legs, activities like hiking and cycling become way harder than they should be.  And that significantly detracts from the enjoyment of it all.

Not with the Chillbo Fanny Pack, however, as stowing your gear around your body will leave your quads feeling as free as a bird. The adjustable strap fits snuggly around your waist to carry the weight on your hips and restore the full range of motion to your legs.

Chillbo - hiking - waist - bags

4.  It’s Folds Down Small

The Chillbo Fanny Pack has been specially designed to pack down small, occupying a space about the size of your palm when fully folded. And weighing in at a petite 0.06 ounces, you won’t even notice the extra weight in your suitcase.

chillbo - foldable - fanny - packs


5.  They’re Cool AF

With three vibrant designs to choose from (Blue Leaf, Black And White, Rainbow), our funky Fanny Pack is guaranteed to see you stand out from the crowd. As with all our products, we’ve forgone boring monotones in favor of off-the-wall patterns and eye-popping designs–the ideal conversation starter to meet fellow travelers on the road.

 chillbo - waiste - bag - for - adults

The Chillbo Fanny Pack is the ideal travel companion, whether you’re on a quick city escape or an epic round the world journey. Grab yours today to maximize your travel cachet!


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