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10 Essential Items to See You through Spring Break

Posted by Harry Stewart on
10 Essential Items to See You through Spring Break

10 Essential Items to See You through Spring Break

With several spare weeks at your disposal (if you’re a student, that is), Spring Break is a top opportunity for wholesome adventures in the great outdoors. On the other hand, you could hit up the craziest party spots instead to let loose in a wild orgy of sun, sand, and booze.

“Whatever floats your boat,” as they say.

What matters is you make the most of the balmy weather we’re having and celebrate the fact winter has finally thawed. So grab your BF, your BFF, or your everyday acquaintance and head out there to crush spring break like a boss.

Now, you’re going to need the right kit so leave a bit of room in the duffle bag for these 10 essential spring break goodies.

1.     A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Spring break is all about bopping away to banging tunes with your besties. Of course, your neighbors probably won’t share the same musical tastes, so we don’t recommend going all out with the biggest and loudest boom box on the market. This nifty little number from JBL ticks all the boxes: waterproof, beefy battery, smooth sound, reasonable price.

2.     A Double Sleeping Bag

Give those horny hormone-crazed college kids at the frat-style beach parties a miss and opt for a romantic camping escape with your missus or mister instead. Sleeping together under the stars is the perfect way to reconnect with your loved one. And by reconnect, I mean getting down and dirty between the sheets, or in this case, the double sleeping bag. This sensual option from Chillbo is the ultimate love nest.

chillbo , double , sleeping , bags

3.    A Portable Power Bank

We’re all stuck face-first to our phones these days. And while I could rabbit on about the benefits of a digital detox all day, the truth is you’re going to need a full charge wherever your spring break plans may take you. The good news is they’re damn cheap these days, like this BESTA model that comes in under $10.

4.    A Fanny Pack

Need somewhere to stash your goodies this spring break but can’t stomach the thought of big bulging pockets in your skin-tight shorts? Well, fanny packs have gone full circle since the 80s and are well and truly back in fashion. And this uber-cool Chillbo Fanny Pack option is the most fashionable of them all, with sleek patterns and plenty of space to stow your gear.

chillbo fanny packs

5.     A Sun Care Kit

Sorry to sound like your mom, but you’re going to get sunburnt AF if you don’t look after yourself this spring break. Your pasty winter coat hasn’t had a solid dose of Vitamin D in months, so the sun’s UV rays will wreak havoc on your skin. Couple that with a carefree holiday attitude and the forgetfulness that alcohol entails, and this vacation is a recipe for melanoma. Banana Boat makes our favorite sunblock and after sun Aloe-Vera gel.

6.     A Hangover Recovery Kit

Unless you’re a teetotaler, chances are you’ll over imbibe at least once during spring break. So rather than wasting a full day lying around feeling guilty about your sins, seize the day by stopping your hangover in its tracks. We’ve done extensive testing on the matter, and can confirm electrolytes are the most potent remedy known to man. Keppi's hydration booster is just what you need! 

keppi electrolyte hydration supplement

7.     An Inflatable Outdoor Lounger

What’s perfect for the beach, the campsite, the festival, and the spring break fiesta? A Shwaggins Inflatable lounger, of course. How many times have you been at these places—or anywhere else—and thought it’d be nice to have somewhere soft and cushy to sit? Well, now you do with this funky and durable air cushion from Chillbo.

chillbo shwaggins inflatable lounger

8.     A Giant Novelty Beach Towel

With all the time you’ll spend getting wet this vacation; why not invest in something big, soft, and silky smooth to dry off again? Enter the novelty watermelon beach towel, a round 5-foot contraption that really does look just like your favorite fruit. This particular version is microfiber, meaning it’s super compact and lightweight.

9.     A Pair of Slide Sandals

Covered footwear is for dorks. And nothing says summer is a-comin' more than your open toes embracing the warm spring sun. But we’re not talking about your ordinary everyday flip-flops here. All the cool kids are wearing slide sandals these days so jump on board the gravy train with these suave kicks from Chacos.

chacos chillos slide shoes

10.     A Water Bottle-Sized Portable Chair

As we’ve already established, sitting down is awesome. And sitting down at the beach, river, mountain, or any other attractive topographic feature is even more awesome still. But how on earth do you lug a chair to these scenic faraway places? By investing in an uber portable model, silly. This nifty number from CLIQ packs down to the size of a water bottle and sets up in seconds.

liq chairs

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