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Chillbo Sock It Shoe Me Water Shoes


Fancy a little freedom for your feet?

Chillbo's awesome outdoor water shoes for women and men are the perfect barefoot shoe for all things adventure, from snorkeling a reef to chillin' at the beach. These uber comfy watershoes aren't just for aquatic pursuits as they are super comfy on dry land as well. Put simply; if you like to be outdoors, these are the ultimate sock shoes for you. From music festivals to boating to camping trips or rafting, these shoes give you freedom for your feet. 

Best of all, our unisex swimming shoes for men and water shoes for women come in a range of funky Chillbo patterns, ensuring you bring a little pizzaz to those footsies of yours. 

These outstanding aquashoes provide ample protection for your feet while giving you that liberating barefoot feeling. Clamber over wet rocks, dry sand or around the campsite with ease. Whether you're looking for a minimalist shoe for hiking or a day by the river, our Sock It Shoe Me pool shoes can be used as shower shoes, sand socks, swimming shoes, gardening shoes, aqua shoes, reef shoes, exercise shoes or watersocks. 

The Sock It Shoe Me water shoes provide versatile footwear that grants freedom for your feet, wherever you may roam. 

Although they may be nimble, the Sock It Shoe Me's durable design lets you trample all over any surface with ease. Enjoy optimal traction and shock absorption with our outdoor shoes, which merge the comfort of a sock with the protection of a shoe.

So grab a pair of these agua zapatos today and vamos a la playa!

The Chillbo Sock It Shoe Me water shoes for women and men are ideal for anyone looking get outside and enjoy that carefree barefoot feeling! 

To make sure your little footsies are snug as a bug, consult the Size Chart in the preview images.