The Chillbo Don Poolio Has Landed

Announcing the latest innovation from the Chillbo labs.
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An Inflatable Lounger, Built for Land & Sea
The Don Poolio is the newest member of the Chillbo family. It inflates quickly and easily and comes in all of our slick Chillbo patterns.

It's your turn to be the coolest kid at the beach.

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Each Don Poolio comes with what you expect:

- Extra large carrying bag (It'll fit easily, we promise!)
- A pocket with a built in cup holder
- Raised "pillow" for your head
- A ground stake to keep your Don Poolio from flying away when not in use

Pillow Included
Comfortable place to lounge? Check.
Nice, raised area to put your head? Check.

We took Don Poolio one step further by designed a raised "pillow" to place your head in while you float, nap, or fist pump.

No Aqua? No Problemo!
Not near a river, lake, or ocean? Don Poolio has you covered.

The Chillbo Don Poolio fares just fine on land, creating instant serenity in a bed-like form. Gather your friends and sit your booty down.

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